Circumstances dictated our decision to sell. A casual conversation with my neighbour and friend Vicki Janes regarding the decline in potential to sell lead to such an incredible outcome. Vicki and her colleagues Hailey and Emma met with us to discuss potential. Absolutely no pressure. Two days later they offered their opinions of value which astounded us. Let’s give it a try was the last thing I remember. In less than one week her team staged our home, arranged for pictures, printed brochures and did a (soft launch) prior to MLS the next day. We had eight showings in < 36 hours. in 48 hours our house was sold over asking. Vicki’s husband plowed our driveway prior to a showing when our snow blower broke down. Her family fixed a kitchen cupboard that would not close. She hugged me and said come to our house if you need refuge. We were truly blessed to have Vicki, Emma and Hailey as our team. We are forever grateful. The only negative was that during staging I could not find my toothbrush for two days. Thanks to such a great group of women realtors who really get the stress, sadness and joy in selling a family home where memories are made.