We first met Hailey at the Cottage Life Show in 2019 and my late wife felt an immediate connection due to Hailey’s sincerity, honesty and willingness to help.
In 2020 we started our property search, Hailey looked at all opportunities based on our likes/requests and went out of her way to keep my late wife apprised of everything. Well, we found that dream property and purchased it in late summer 2020.
My wife passed away very suddenly in June, 2021 and as I travelled forward from that time I came to realize I just couldn’t do it alone, the building, the overall immensity of everything.
Hailey helped take all of stress away, managing the sale of the property in 3 days in late winter this year. She realized how difficult a decision that was and managed the process with the utmost professionalism.
Thank you for everything Hailey.